Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Week To Blog About

Yesterday as I was talking to another nanny, I was telling her about my morning and I thought, "This is a morning to blog about." I don't know what exactly constitutes a morning to blog about, but, I also started reflecting on my entire week, and decided there was much telling to be done.

I tend to be a very high strung, stressed, panicky person. It is just my nature, and I do my absolute best to balance it with fun, happiness, and a touch of 'mellow'. This being said, allow me to tell you about my week.

On Monday, I walked out of my house without my keys in hand. My daddy came to my rescue, and I was only 6 minutes late to work. I am pretty sure my dad thought I was insane when the first thing I yelled in his ear was "You have to come to my house right now, right now, right now!!" Um, sometimes I over-react.

On Friday, I did the same thing. What kind of idiot am I that locks their keys in their car TWO days in a week? Sweet mercy. This time, I had to be rescued by my Sunday School teacher...there are many times I thank God she lives so close. I was still on time for work and my boss laughed at me. I apologized to him for being an idiot, and for the fact that I wouldn't have a car yesterday to take the kids anywhere.

Lastly, I have been blessed with a new vehicle!!! Please understand that I am not bragging or trying to show off, but I AM really excited! It's a 2005 Ford Escape, and I'm so thankful for a bigger car! I feel a lot safer driving the kids around, driving in the snow, driving long distances. It still has that "new (to me) car smell"- I love it!

I'm trying to motivate myself to get around and do something today. I have school to do, dishes, laundry, errands- and none of it really sounds fun! Have a good weekend!

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