Monday, August 2, 2010

August Shopping Ban

Hi, my name is Ashleigh, and I'm a shopaholic.....

It's time for a long overdue shopping ban! Last year I did a 3 month shopping ban, which ended up being easy by the third month, and pretty "normal". I think I did "allow" myself to buy like, two things, but I can't really remember. I did my last shopping ban so that I could channel more of my time and money into things that matter...God, school, friends, family, my home, etc. This time around I'm doing it because my bank account is crying. I have a couple big things coming up that I really could use the money for...and I'd rather do these couple big things than go out shopping every weekend.

*There are a couple items I have to buy anyways. The first is a pair of capris for a church camping trip. They're the only thing I am missing for the trip, and I'm not wearing a skirt all weekend, so, one pair of capris it is.

*I've had my eye on a shirt at Macy's for quite some time. If it goes on super sale, I am going to buy it. It was originally $40, so I think I can get it for around $15 on super sale. We'll see.

*I'm going to also try to limit my trips to the salon...I find it way too easy to stop in for a polish change. However, since I'm banning retail shopping, no promises on giving up pedicures too. :)

I'm hoping August ends up being a good month to do this because I still have summer clothes in full rotation and the weather won't change at all this month (except to maybe get hotter). At the end of the month, I'm hoping (knowing) I'll have enough saved for a trip to ATL/J Crew outlets for some back to school clothes.

Happy Monday!

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