Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunburnt and Overly Caffeinated

I can't figure out how to format this post the way I want...so these are out of order. This is my newest wall art, centered on my back kitchen wall. I'm going to try to put one picture and one non-picture item in every room of the house. I was doing too many pictures before and all my rooms were starting to look cluttered.

This is right above my stove...I'm not going to hang anything on it though. It's from Pier 1 and I just love the colors. I'm going to keep the blue/green/creme theme going in my living room and dining area as well.

My daddy repainted my cabinets and drawers for me, AND put new handles on. He also repainted the walls. My kitchen is ten times brighter and it looks so much bigger. Sorry about the mess. My kitchen can only stay clean for about 10 minutes...

This is the other side of my kitchen. I know I took these early in the morning because of the cereal bowl on the counter. I'm looking for somewhere else to put my microwave but there's no other space for it. It sure takes up a lot of space.

There are a couple things going through my head as of late...none of which are of particular importance; all of which I need to tell you right now.

1. As I am leaving in 36 hours to go to New Jersey, I still need to: pack, buy travel-sized everything, clean my house, do laundry, and figure out all this boarding pass stuff. Needless to say tomorrow evening will be a little hectic and I will probably be up late over-analyzing my packing method.

2. I think I need to be more of a kid. I'm a nanny, and I feel like I spend too much time telling the kids to "Stop...Don't touch...Don't hit...Fix your attitude...Come here...Do this...Sit Down..." Do I? Does anyone else feel like this? I never used to get in the pool with the kids, and lately I've been the one taking them off the diving board and playing games in the water with them. I like it, I like being the "fun nanny". I need to find some sort of balance.

3. I need to lay off the caffeine. Every morning I drink a travel mug of coffee on my way to work, and at promptly 10am, I crack open a Diet Coke, which gets brought everywhere with me and the kids until 1 pm. I am seriously addicted.

4. When I get home from New Jersey, I'm going to put myself to work on re-decorating my living room. I want to spray paint my chocolate furniture creamy white, get slip covers (light blue?), and get some wall art for my entry way. I recently made a trip to Salvation army to drop off all the crap I've accumulated over the past year. It felt good to take some things off my walls, get rid of my end tables, and re-organize some things.

For now,


  1. I LOVE the hooks!
    & I hear you about the caffeine . . .
    We'll have to talk decorating soon :) I may have a solution for your microwave -- or at least what we did because we had the same kind of situation going on.

  2. I was thinking last night that you need to come over and decorate my house...not like you have a job or life to also take care of ;)