Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Jersey in 10

1. The number of hours the pilot said it would take us to get to said destination.

2. The number of hours my flight home was delayed.

3. The number of hotels I stayed in while on a 3 night stay in Jersey.

4. The number of places I showered in while in Jersey.

5. Hundred. The number of calories consumed at each meal. Vacation calories do not count.

6. Dollars. The price of the most amazing bbq chicken wrap ever.

7. Hours spent on the beach, relaxing, and getting sun.

8. Cups of coffee consumed over 4 days.

9. The hour at which I woke up every morning. I cannot sleep in.

10. The number of fingers which I got manicured (and toes I got pedicured) while in Jersey.

It's good to go away, but good to be home!

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