Friday, September 10, 2010

This and That

1. Weeks that start with a day off seem much longer than a full 5 day week.

2. This week I only worked about 20 hours, and had one day of school but I am exhausted! I slept for 10 hours last night!

3. I just started watching a two year old chickadee and she is so. so. cute! I call her Mack or "little girl" and it always makes her laugh. She is super sweet and easy to get along with...hopefully that lasts!

4. Math is going to take some SERIOUS dedication this semester! My math class is broken up into two classes so I'll be doing the follow up in winter. I'm already overwhelmed and Thursday was Day 1. My mommy said she would tutor me and so did my Sunday school teacher.

5. I am loving fall! This week I purchased "golden apple orchard" room spray from Pier 1; and Kitchen Spice and Autumn candles from Bath and Body. I am tempted to buy more apple candles from Pier 1! I'm slowly breaking out the fall decor- I might put up some more tomorrow.

6. Does anybody use Clarins skin care? Yesterday I bought a skin care set at Macy's and so far I'm loving it! It included a day serum, day moisturizer, and night cream. I also use their cleanser with Alpine herbs and I love it!

7. I need recommendations for a new:
-foundation primer
-blush (anybody use Nars O-Glow??)
-product to keep my hair NOT FRIZZY in the winter!
Help me out girlies, I need it!

I'm off to bed! Tomorrow I'm repainting my desk off white with the help of my Sunday School teacher's husband. My daddy painted my side table for me a couple weeks ago and I really want all my furniture to match...I'm a freak about everything being matchy matchy.


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